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It’s not like the Aimpoint is going down on the range.”. Firing the new Hudson H9, initial thoughts and impressions, 6 different Silencers tested on 11.5″ 5.56 AR-15, When out of spec ammo meets the Tavor TS12, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 Top Picks. But, that does go to show that even though it happens, it is a fairly rare event. Perhaps but the chances of both my dot AND my irons failing on this rifle would be astronomical and this is my PRIMARY AR. CATEGORIES. This is one of my Go-To Tavors (the other is a SAR), this X95 sports a H2 and since the rifle comes with very study BUIS’ with tritium already that safely recess down into the top rail, I don’t have to add any sights. Imagine this: middle of the night and something crashes at the other end of your home. It also includes the backup sight systems in case the glass sight becomes dusty. Backup Iron Sights. Watch; US 45 Degree Offset Iron Sight Front Rear Backup Flip Up Rapid Transition hunt. It gets rid of everything cluttering up your field of view in the optic and simplifies what to look at. At the left is a photo of Kelly McCann's Glock 19. … Work guns need a BUIS. Brand New . Caveat here would be offset irons which with practice can be very efficient and quick to use. 20. We offer backup AR 15 iron sights from major brands like Troy Industries, Diamondhead, and Magpul, as well as our own AT3 Tactical iron sights.Fixed, folding, tritium, 45 degree sights – we have them all. The point is this: examine the purpose for which the gun you are setting up, and don’t just accessorize based on what your friends on Facebook tell you. Really wanted FDE sights on this particular build, and being that it's just a fun build, didn't feel the need to spend a bunch of money on backup sights. Rear BattleSight. The diagram below shows a representation of what an AR-15 sight picture would look like, looking through an EoTech optic, with fixed BUIS (or flip ups deployed). Sights of this nature are often called BUIS, for BackUp Iron Sights. toughness define Troy Industries? Theoretically, this can be done with a single shot—clamp the firearm into a vise, fire one shot, then adjust the sights so they are pointing at the hole in the target. If you have any other questions feel free to ask them over on our Facebook Page . When considering sights of this nature, you’ll encounter some that have more or less adjustment compared to fixed sights. You child or spouse might be at the other end of the house. The weapon likewise has H bar sight on the receiver. This is where backup iron sights (BUIS) become worth their weight in gold. As to the rest of my long arms, some have backups, most don’t. Products 1-29 of 29. Support 13C and visit our Online SWAG shop. Twitter. I was leaning twards the magpul but they dont make one that will work on my gas block. Why play fast and loose with your primary AR? For one, the width of a mil-spec front sight post (FSP) can … Save up to 5% when you buy more. Toggle Nav. A simple tutorial for adjusting a red dot sight to co-witness with iron sights. Troy Industries Item #: TY SSIG-FBS-RDBT-00 - Advanced design, superior sighting and BattleReady? The Magpul Back-up Sight, aka MBUS, is an affordable sighting system that is designed for the AR-15 platform. I think it was Gear Locker last year that did a nasty drop test of erected BUIS ranging from high end (Troy) to low end (Magpul) and then shot them and the Magpul performed as well or better than any. Trending at $20.99 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. I had a couple of comments that running the class with no BUIS was “asking for trouble” if my PRO went down. or Best Offer. WhatsApp. A pair of sights will set you back just $99.90 or $59.95 and $39.95 for the rear and front sights respectively. These HK style front and rear sights are no different. Kelly was the first to pioneer the use of a red dot (a Docter in this case) on a carry weapon. The specially designed low profile should solve that exact problem – the rear sight should not interfere with any other accessories, and the front sight … This diagram represents how an optic and BUIS line up … Optics on an AK? Contact (877) 462-4785. $19.99. Fold-away and simple, unobtrusive. For a dedicated range gun, I may just go without the BUIS. I was impressed. Retail: $65.00. Troy Industries, a well-known heavy hitter in the world of firearms accessories, has always brought out great products. It has the Magpul BUIS the rifle came with and I am leaving them on. Slim to never. In either event, practice for such failures because you can’t call time out in the middle of an exchange of gunfire to bring up your BUIS. Adding an anti-glare system into the mix like the Aimpoint honeycomb system can make the optic loo… It’s getting difficult to stand out in the backup iron sights game, but Ozark Armament is doing just that with these offset irons. One caveat, realize if your optic dies DURING a firefight or just as you bring the rifle up, you need to practice and train on using the optic tube as a huge peep sight. While they are generally reliable, I have seen them quit and a set of BUIS are a must-have. Some are made to be as strong as possible for use in a primary role or when employed, while others give up both function and a little durability to be as light and as low profile as possible. While highly unlikely, any thing (including irons) can fail. It’s an affordable and effective back-up to your optical … Over the past decade, despite the tedious process of zeroing the RDS and backup irons, I have yet to need to deploy them. LWRC Skirmish Back Up Iron Sights Set (6) $210.00 (Save $13.00) $197.00 3 models Magpul Industries MBUS Pro Flip Up Sights (78) As Low As (Save Up to 16%) $80.70 Best Rated. Just as an aside, if you have a longarm for self defense, please make sure you have a weapons mounted light on it. This is why planning is a must. Over the past decade, despite the tedious process of zeroing the RDS and backup irons, I have yet to need to deploy them. Troy built them to take quite a beating and still work properly. Iron sights are used when and where the AR-15 keeps the tower front sight, just like in the traditional M-16. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Offset … I have seen iron sights get damaged or knocked out of adjustment more often than an Aimpoint lose zero or stop working. If you’re building a precision or 7.62 caliber rifle for extended ranges, perhaps a set of quality iron sights like the offset Knights or Troy Industries flip ups will be worth the additional cost. I have a cheap RDS on my rimfire AR, along with a Magpul BUIS. I mentioned “in the middle of a gunfight”. Not to say I will never need them, but with the cost of many quality sights sets exceeding $200, outfitting every training gun I build can get expensive. Due to the short battery life of the cheap RDS, the BUIS gets used quite a bit on my rimfire. Oct 6, 2011 #1. fitbmxseries1 Guest. I don’t run any on my varmint AR either. For a review of the 3 Aimpoints in this picture click HERE . 52 sold. Aimpoint has a great history and track record for being very, very reliable sights, even under adverse conditions. How to adjust an iron sight. I also like the ability to verify that the red-dot sight has returned to zero if dismounted/remounted by looking through the BUIS and seeing the dot atop the front post. Nowadays, non-magnified sights such as the Aimpoint Comp M3, M4 and T-1 have battery lives more easily measured in years than hours. You have quick access to a rifle, be it a bedside safe or Tactical Wall solution, grab it and realize the optic is dead. Another option to consider when setting up a defensive rifle. Troy Industries HK Style Tritium Back Up Iron Sights. Best AR-15 BUIS 1. This would be the main reason for having backups on a home defense longarm. In reality, it generally takes a … Free shipping. Backups for a scoped rifle that doesn’t have a QD mount. Not to say I will never need them, but with the cost of many quality sights sets exceeding $200, outfitting every training gun I build can get expensive. The first installations of red dot sights did not make use of back up iron sights at all. First let’s cover the “Aimpoint reliability” issue. The third rifle in that image (bottom) is the CMMG Mutant AKS13. My employer has issued EOTechs for the past ten years. I haven’t had a flat tire in years, but I still want a spare onboard. Because this is my primary AR, I have the Troy Battlesights with Tritium inserts. Ratings: +0 / 0. True perhaps but I did have another rifle ready to go in the Jeep if the Mk4 or the PRO went down but I was confident the PRO would hold up. Well im trying to find a good set of back up iron sights for my AR but im not sure what would fit on my flat top that has the lower profile gas block. call me old school, but I consider buis as a necessity and red dots as a luxury.. There’s a good reason for that. Troy Industries HK Style Front and Rear Tritium Sight Set – MSRP – $268.99. “Night sights” or Tritium iron sights are available too. Can you call 9-1-1 for every bump in the night? … Anyone who’s looked into back up iron sights will hear people – usually lots of them – recommend the Troy Battle Sights. I ran a level 2 carbine class with the Mk4 RCE pictured above but with the PRO and no BUIS when I first got it as part of the testing phase. Tips for setting up your BUIS on an AR-15. Co-witness refers to the relationship between the optical sight and the back up iron sights (BUIS) when they are fixed or in the deployed position (not folded down).

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