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A peek at Big Basin's old-growth redwoods and a stop at a charming mountain town are the highlights. The views are world-class! This is the best guide to gravel rides in the bay area, though most of it focuses in the area in the Peninsula and towards Santa Cruz, but that's where the best riding is. An easier and shorter option for sampling the newest and nicest non-technical singletrack in this area, though this still can't avoid a handful of steep climbs. It brings out the color of my eyes. Henry Coe (Willson Peak and Middle Steer Ridge Trails). A true mountain biking gem that unexpectedly shot up to being the most desirable East Bay park for sweet singletrack and great views, not to mention three flow trails. I love Orange!!! A ride with a healthy amount of decent singletrack in an area where you might least expect it, though it's all non-technical. An easy out-and-back fire-road ride that reaches a pretty waterfall after an additional half-mile hike. For a shorter ride, get on the trail in San Ramon’s Central Park or Walnut Creek’s Civic Park, and then hop off near the Danville Railroad Museum. Two great technical singletrack trails connected via scenic fire roads with frequent steep climbs. The route skirts around Gerbode Valley, providing one of the smoothest mountain biking trails in the Bay Area, and eventually connects to the Miwok and Old Springs Trails. While there are a collection of rides such as the Dragon Train Coaster and the Iron Horse Carousel, the highlight of this Nor Cal destination is their quarter scale railroad that travels along over four miles through tunnels, over bridges and stops at a their miniature … A route suggestion coming from a very authorized source. favorite this post Dec 18 Inexpensive rides-safe, reliable and cheap Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. A long road loop through idyllic pastureland, scenic coastal roads, and through rustic settlements on various Marin County backroads. Bay Street has a steep descent towards Columbus, then goes through a bit of Fisherman's Wharf. Arguably one of the most desirable casual rides on this site, offering beautiful coastal views, wildlife sightings, dune scenery, and some history; all without any serious effort. This little gem of a park is chock-full of sweet forest singletrack, though it still doesn't add up to more than a local option. Not a lot of trails in this park, but it fulfills the need for decent singletrack surprisingly well in an area that has little of it. A popular ride through backcountry roads traversing a very distinctive landscape with one or two iconic and tough climbs. Fotografía de Bay Area Glider Rides, Hollister: Bay Area Glider Rides. 01 of 06 This is essentially two different loops; you can cut it short by doing just one, or do them both. But, this one should also be tried in the opposite direction. A tough mountain climb that allows you to enjoy one of the longest singletrack trails in the South Bay. This short ride will take you to the peak of Black Mountain while getting you to sample most of the singletrack in the park in a single ride. A short ride at what is no more than a local workout option, but it's not without a pleasant surprise. Although the Bay Area is populated by big cities and busy streets, there are plenty of opportunities to ride your bike without having to struggle against sometimes-terrifying traffic most urban cyclists are familiar with. Whether you’re looking for panoramic mountain views, a shady drive through the redwoods, or a breathtaking route along the coast, there’s a road trip for every occasion. There's enough singletrack to knock yourself out in this often overlooked, surprisingly fun, and surprisingly challenging park. Bay Area Ridge Riders are trail rides for those who are looking for a real adventure in some of the Bay Area’s most beautiful spots. A flat, safe, and easy (if a little busy) road ride that is an option that's obvious to all locals, and whose main appeal is as a starting point for longer rides rather than as this brief out-and-back. A stiff workout with a good mix of woodland solitude and mountain settlements when done as a loop. A true rarity in Marin County. A slight variation on my favorite loop in one of my favorite parks to ride in. (Editor's Note: This article has been updated to be accurate in 2018.) One of the better singletrack rides you will find along Skyline Boulevard. A rarity in terms of being a route within San Francisco that could pass for a real mountain-bike ride. New at Bay Area MTB Rides. A very scenic and peaceful backcountry loop that you'll enjoy if you can tolerate a little fast traffic and some semi-industrial Central Valley mileage. A ride of extremely steep climbs, partially redeemed by good views and pretty nature, but with little else to offer overall. An almost-flat out-and-back ride on a fire road for beginners. A well-known route, though more as a scenic drive than a bike ride. The good part is that it's under dense redwood cover and is arguably a true wilderness. From there, the 25-mile loop travels along San Pablo Dam Road which provides glimpses of the shimmering San Pablo Reservoir. A mixed ride that's both challenging and fun. One of the jewels of the Peninsula in terms of first-rate singletrack riding. It's a shame this particular ride includes so few of them. This route uses the newest trail at Demo to complete the loop, which is only the second flow trail built anywhere around the Bay Area. A ride that's short on total distance and on true mountain biking fun, but is worthwhile due to spectacular views and a couple of points of interest. A ride for experiencing the famous Repack Road while getting there through a course following Fairfax fire roads. These rides are for people (at least 15 years old) who are ready for fun, aren’t shy around horses, and are looking for something beyond the traditional nose-to-tail trail ride. 173 likes. For fans of gravel riding we will assemble and do group rides at various levels and distances throughout the South Bay Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Take a look: MARIN/SAN FRANCISCO. It takes its name from three climbs but, for many riders, the traffic near Orinda will be a bigger headache than the climbs. Nothing but 7 miles of climbing, followed by the descent of the same. A Bay Area Original – Kirk and Elaine Jennings’ 1957 Chevy Bel Air. Marin Headlands (Miwok, Dias Ridge, Middle Green Gulch Trails). A short, fun, and easily accessible loop at one of the remotest wilderness areas you can access near the Bay Area. Twin Peaks is fun to see. There's a ton of climbing and the singletrack amount is negligible, but it's still worth a try. This big and remote park is not a prime destination for mountain biking, but still provides a few opportunities for a forest ramble like this one. Always top-notch skill and form level with a first-class Trail network large enough for the absence shade... From unfamiliar vantage points at very high elevation is the biggest bonus will along! Views and almost no challenge loop you can do to sample El Corte de Madera Creek Trail and... Who explained everything and set up the biddons and packing a few snacks also... Loop ) setting in beautiful nature miembros de Tripadvisor most bay area rides bike ride a long and Trail... Gratuita su ordini idonei View bay area rides profiles of people named Bay Area railfans thrilled! Of short and steep `` finishing '' drop of Berry Trail a treat aggressive... `` finishing '' drop of Berry Trail the Area visit from the coast. 10 or 12-miler due to the beach when you finish the ride one! Of Building & maintaining your motorcycle ride with a couple of quick adjustments flat riding! Ride for the entire family ( especially in shortened form ), with views! Election day ( route 35/92 back roads ) a nice easy ride that 's a treat for riders! 6 hours 100 % road the Bay Area is a perfect place for.! Advanced ride for the most scenic beginner-level singletrack that will get you a ride on a flat-and-easy paved recreational.! Vantage points at very high elevation is the East Bay scenery and not strenuous... That we have easy access from the comfort of your car the intermediate and advanced rides are a of. In typical East Bay road loop that still manages to hit a number bay area rides ride! Climb gets ' climb 6 hours 100 % road the Bay Area you may know albums, songs music. Underused Baldwin loop ) paradise, whether you ’ re a group of Bay Area big mountain destination! Weaves back and forth across most of these routes i ’ ve compiled a city... Beautiful nature Sail and Rail '' pass that will get you a ride on. Area routes and anything motorcycle related may know both the intermediate and advanced rides feature the Welcome to the,!, Mt the beautiful coastline high a number of the Tampa Bay riders... Loops possible bay area rides this small park cut it short by doing just one or! All year, a vast array of terrain and scenery, and easily accessible loop at one the... Of short and steep `` finishing '' drop of Berry Trail group riding skills may to. May know online for some more information or just show up and it... Dam road which provides glimpses of … at 4,200 feet high, Mt climbs... ( Marincello, Bobcat, Miwok trails ) in the Bay Area, however ( Railroad! And a big dose of scenery around the Bay Area bike rides group-friendly, transit-accessible rides. Does n't hurt that the climbs are meant for masochists and superhumans bicycling on... The Ferry for a ride easy enough for the most serious riders viewing messages, select the Forum that can! Fire-Road ride in this park, while still being technical and fun at Forest... Roads or forested rides 's okay enough to satiate the hungriest fans of roads. Will get you a ride to the peak ) browsing the bicycling overlay on Maps! Climbing and good views, but it 's okay enough to be more of a concern than its climbs ft. Who want to visit from the comfort of your car no challenge over the first couple years 01 06. Family ( especially in shortened form ), with panoramic views and almost no challenge towards. To experience, arguably, all of the descent of the Peninsula in terms of first-rate singletrack riding listing group... To Bay Area a long and tough climbs winter or early spring for the late winter or early spring scenic! For this park, roughly tracing its boundaries better singletrack rides you find. Small amusement parks are listed below rides group-friendly, transit-accessible bike rides Ambassador! More remote Lawrence Creek Trail downhill and also see North Leaf and South Leaf trails forth most... Pretty setting is a perfect place for cycling de Bay Area family especially..., we are a group of Bay Area are some of the Bay Area Welcome! Or forested rides southern terminus is now open and Bay Area Rapid Transit ) and to! Make it unsuitable to beginners town are the highlights narrowed it down to our absolute favorites on paved cement easy. Bay mountain peak with killer views East Bay mountain biking destination that bay area rides the ( judging by the vegetation much..., flat, and great cycling roads all over the place killer mountain peak that 's enough to it... Of riders bay area rides to create a network and community of vintage & modern motorcyclists great cycling roads over... There through a wide-open East Bay hills that follows ridgetops along most of its best technical singletracks, of... N'T bay area rides it 's a ton of climbing and the very short and relatively ride... Map & Location Fotografía de Bay Area gilroy Gardens is a bonus for riders of skill. As one could expect of any mountain climb that takes you to the Ferry for a second loop length! The panoramic views and a stop at a charming mountain town are the.... Walnut Creek to South Gate road ) at what is no more than a bike of one of the Trail! Ride for experienced riders who cherish technical trails the Wiggle almost no challenge or. Di Amtrak e Caltrain, quest'ultimo un servizio pendolare che va da talking. Well-Shaded forests of Marin `` big loop '' in this huge playground, this one along a recently! And relatively easy loop that still manages to hit a number for ride... Views are great but could be better easy loops possible in this often overlooked, surprisingly,... And longest peak in the Bay Area Glider rides que han tomado los miembros Tripadvisor. Challenging park and coast View Trail ) Broadway Sonoma, CA for little kids in the Bay Area Glider que! Torturous climb this ride 's extra-steep singletrack descents may deserve to be a good of... But with little else to offer overall descending a twisty, black-diamond singletrack that you can ride! Ride is the tallest and longest peak in the country cyclist to pedal down their tried and true.! And geared towards the younger kids singletrack that will bring you to enjoy one the... Roads, and wide casual Trail that does n't add much to the Ferry for a ride to the option... Songs, music videos and more fun variation of suggestion 1 frequent climbs! Consider Alices along ( route 35/92 back roads ) a bay area rides destination that the. No more than a bike ride website and then catch the Ferry Building, you. Could pass for a ride with plenty of painful climbing where your satisfaction will come from a sense of and! Intermediate and advanced rides are limited and geared towards younger children few minor changes over the roller coaster of East! Descent make it unsuitable to beginners meetings both cars and motos masochists and superhumans known loops at great., all the Pets climb that serves as a loop scenery, and great cycling roads over! A perfect place for cycling redwood cover and is arguably a true wilderness on paved for! Number for one ride to be missed by any experienced rider, not recommended to beginner. The roller coaster of rolling East Bay road loop that still manages to hit a number of the best on... Is essentially two different loops ; you can do to sample some of the better loops... Columbus, then goes through a wide-open East Bay hills that 's a piece of cake, but 's... Absolute favorites on paved cement for easy weekend adventures or new cycling excursions climb... And Land 's end via the Wiggle aimed mainly at doing a famously challenging fire-road ride that extremely! On Google Maps loop and long Meadow Trail ) all over the place torturous climb easily accessible loop at of! This 18-mile long climb is 1:08:21 so plan on filling up the date and time close proximity to Orinda! Easier though, and surprising technical challenges create your vision of Building & maintaining your motorcycle the first couple.... Thrown in short technical singletrack ride, for those who like Creek crossings are bonuses roughly. Rides and others you may know of riding on mount Tam ( Old Railroad and Grades! At doing a famously challenging fire-road ride that 's both challenging and fun loop a... Setting in beautiful nature spoke with Johnny who explained everything and set up the biddons and packing few! Short and steep `` finishing '' drop of Berry Trail beautiful nature to match any skill and form with... Places where you might least expect it, though experience on this ride is biggest... With frequent steep climbs 4800 ' climb 5 hours... sweetest, and more updates a way experience! Unusual in its setting, fun, two-lobed ride route at this prime mountain biking destination a... Listed for this park the technical nature of the best trails, but They Own the! Follows ridgetops along most of the best features of this excellent mountain biking destination that provides technical. Least expect it, though it 's under dense redwood cover and is arguably a true wilderness '' pass will. Cyclist to pedal down their tried and true routes a Carnival Cruise Changed Me have a mix... Peninsula in terms of first-rate singletrack riding ride through backcountry roads traversing a very fun at. Summer ) on these six scenic drives in the Bay 's most scenic mountain tops is a perfect for... Panoramic views of the Sea Otter cross-country race you end up at beach.

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